In May 2019, Nicola Morelli and Kirsten van Dam from the Service Design Lab traveled up north to see the midnight sun and to visit the Cumulus Conference.

We were invited to present our paper titled “A preliminary review of the concept of circular economy in design research.” This paper looks into existing scholarly work at the intersection of design and circular economy. We carried out this research while looking for tools that could enrich the current DESIGNSCAPES toolbox.

Also, the Service Design Lab recently became a new member of Cumulus, a global association to serve art and design education and research and consists currently of over 280 members from 56 countries. The Cumulus Rovaniemi 2019 conference discusses especially the topic of resilience. As mentioned in their communication: “What are the means, medium and methodologies of art, design and media in contributing to the adaptability and novel innovation in coping with everyday life, geographical extremes and societal challenges? How are the topics of sustainability and resilience interconnected and interwoven? The discussion is complimented by intelligence that is visible through design applications that embrace smart, green and social innovation.”

During this conference, we were able to make new connections for future collaborations, participated in inspiring work groups on circular economy; service design and we presented our paper to an inspiring and engaged audience as well as promote DESIGNSCAPES Open Call and the Green Paper consultation.

The current version of our paper is titled “A preliminary review of the concept of circular economy in design research” and can be found here:

The paper is marked as preliminary as we intend to write a longer and more structured version. So stay tuned!