We are an active research lab based in Aalborg University in Copenhagen dedicated to studying and applying service design. We believe that service design can support an exploratory, co-creative and empowering approach to address broad issues of societal concern. Our key themes of interest are digital social innovation, co-creation, open data, smart cities, service design for public sector, to name just a few.

What we do

We are writing high-profile academic publications on various aspects of design and service design, but that’s not it. We also do the following:

Running one of the oldest and well-respected Master’s Program in Service Design with a strong research-based component.

Hosting focused spin-off initiatives, such as the OpenDataLab, which explores the potential of big and open data in service design.

Working on small and large scale research projects where service design fosters the collaboration of a variety of stakeholders.

Contributing to academic research by co-authoring papers, reports, articles, books with fellow researchers from all around the world. 

Proposing design-based frameworks and methods to empower citizens and other stakeholders in pursuing their innovative endeavors.

Supporting the creation of a community and a network of actors interested in service design in Copenhagen and, more broadly, in Denmark through education, research projects, Service Design Talks, internships, alumni network…

Who we are

The Service Design lab was founded by Nicola Morelli and Amalia De Götzen in 2012. Since then, they have been building up a multidisciplinary and international team. Today the Service Design Lab consists of seven researchers, often joined by students from the Master’s Program in Service Design as temporary team players.

Nicola Morelli

Nicola is Professor with Specific Responsibility at Aalborg University (AAU). Nicola has been working on service design for many years and worked in several research projects on service design and innovation, social innovation and user participation. Nicola worked at Politecnico di Milano, at RMIT in Melbourne (Australia). Together with Amalia de Götzen he started the master in Service Systems Design at AAU and contributed to the consolidation of the research group that is now the Service Design Lab. He is coordinating and connecting the research projects of the Lab.

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Kirsten Van Dam
Project manager

 At the Service Design Lab, Kirsten is focused on coordination of the Designscapes project as well as researching topics of service design, Design-Enabled Innovation, value-creation, co-creation in the urban context. As a trained designer from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology, the last 10 years she has been focused on future thinking, strategy, design and innovation working globally for her own design consultancy ‘Out Of Office’. With a hybrid mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, she is using her experience to develop the Designscapes project further as well as connecting to interesting local partners and stakeholders in Copenhagen.   

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Begum Becermen
Design researcher

Begüm is a creative researcher. She is involved in research and teaching activities of the Master’s program in Service Systems Design, in Copenhagen. She is part of EU-H2020-project MUV and her main contribution specialises in co-creation and service design tools & methods.

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Amalia De Götzen
Design researcher

Amalia’s research activity focuses on Digital Social Innovation and in particular on the intersection between Interaction Design and Service Design. She is interested in tools and methods that bridge the analog and digital world of services. She participated to several european projects as investigator and work package leader and has an extensive research experience on Sonic Interaction Design.

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Luca Simeone
design Researcher

Luca’s work is situated at the intersection of design practice, research and entrepreneurship. In particular, his interest is in how strategic approaches can support design-based innovation and management processes. He has founded and managed 7 companies and conducted research and teaching activities at universities such as Harvard, MIT, Polytechnic of Milan, Malmö University and University of the Arts London. He (co)authored some 70 publications, including 3 books and articles in journals such as Technovation, R&D Management, Journal of Knowledge Management, Journal of Business Research, Leonardo and Visual Studies.

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Fanny Giordano
PhD Fellow

Fanny is a design researcher with special interests in service design practices within governments, social innovation and ethics for design. She is currently doing a 3y PhD about service design in city government in collaboration with the innovation house of Copenhagen municipality and the Major’s Office for Economic Opportunity of New York City. She is also a visiting scholar at Parsons DESIS Lab between January and June 2019. Fanny is always ready to design and facilitate co-creation activities and loves consulting and mentoring, outside of university context too. Her previous experience in the healthcare innovation sector as well as her background in visual communication come into play when doing design research.   

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Drude Emilie Holm Ehn
Design researcher

Drude freshly graduated from the Master’s programme in Service Systems Design at Aalborg University with a brilliant thesis project about urban common spaces. She  joined the team to work on the book the lab will publish in the nearfuture. She is particularly passionate about Co-Design, Social Innovation and Design Thinking.

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