Our colleagues Nicola Morelli, Amalia de Götzen and Luca Simeone from the Service Design Lab, have recently released a new source to describe the Service Designers’ specific capabilities and here is a sneak preview of it!

What are the core capabilities of service designers? What are the values and impact that service designers can generate through their work?

From the authors’ teaching and research experiences in the last decade, ´Service Design Capabilities´ has been written to help Service Design students and new practitioners finding their own way to solve service design problems and creating their own toolkit of methods and tools to work in specific cases. As mentioned in the introduction:

 Expert knowledge is what professional experts need to navigate the possibilities their tools offer to find the correct sequence of actions that will lead to a solution to the problem at hand. Such knowledge is not implicit in the tools themselves but rather relates to previous professional experience, the capability to analyse and understand the problem, and interactions with the people and technologies that are part of the problem.

This book goes further beyond a detailed description of capabilities as it frames existing resources such as toolbox and methods, by providing expert knowledge on how to use those tools depending on the purpose and the context of the design work.

Are you curious to know more about the book? Then you can find the open-access resource available at the link https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030562816


We hope you´ll enjoy the reading!

The Service Design Lab