The Service Design Lab is a key partner in the EU Horizon2020 project T-Factor.  In T-Factor, we work across both early-stage and advanced regeneration initiatives in Europe (and beyond) as a way to connect practitioners, experts, and local coalitions from all over Europe. 

On June 8th we hosted a public online event – Temporary use and urban regeneration: designing participatory futures – to discuss and share the key highlights and lessons documented through the research, together with representatives and practitioners from across the T-Factor’s Advanced Cases, as well as from some pioneering experiences across Europe.

Here are some of the research highlights about the benefits of temporal use of urban spaces:

– Temporal use is a great opportunity to test new #ideas.

– Temporal use helps to revise the space more quickly and achieve an immediate #impact.

– Temporal use provides a space for #artisticexpression and cultural events, which are a great way of bringing people together.

– Temporal use is a good opportunity to strength relations with #governance and allocate streams of #fundings for activities and development.

– Temporal use has a critical role in creating #dialogues with local communities, bringing #stakeholders together and creating a social justice.

– Temporal use provides an opportunity to change city #policies and affect the #masterplan.

Read more about the project here:

Image Credits: Giovanni Savi. Temporary use of urban space in Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence.