Public administrations are often looking at public service innovation by proposing technological accelerations. The initiatives coming from this approach often increase the technological divide among citizens and increase the gap between the service offering in the public sector and the real demand for public services.

However, a growing number of public organizations are starting to look for new approaches such as service design to re-do public services collaboratively with citizens. Copenhagen municipality is one of them. In 2015 was created a special innovation center, called Innovationshuset, that along with the administrations put people first when re-thinking the services and solutions of Copenhagen city.

As a reason, Innovationshuset is the perfect playground for us to explore how can designers work hand in hand with public administrations to help to generate new kinds of public services.

Fanny Giordano, our PhD student, is the first member of our team to join forces with Innovationshuset for a relatively long period (1y). We are all looking forward to seeing what we can learn from this collaboration. Read more about it here.