In the Service Design Lab we’re keen to share and make available the methods and toolkits we’ve been involved in developing. As the Open4Citizens project coordinated by Nicola Morelli comes to an end in June 2018, we already plan and promote the design of a network that ensures continued and relevant use of the insights and materials created:

A European Network of Open Data Labs → NOODL.EU

Starting from the Open4Citizens pilots in Barcelona, Karlstad, Milan, Copenhagen & Rotterdam, we invite other labs to join this network. Together, we can use data to develop ideas into real services and we will be able to bridge local communities around OpenDataLabs with the broader European Network.

We envision a network of labs that work as inclusive innovation hubs connecting differently talented citizens, IT-experts, hackers, makers, public authorities and entrepreneurs. The aim is to continually support flexible data intermediaries that promote, enable and generate social value with open data!

A Network of European Open Data Labs – A catalyst to open data as a shared resource for innovation!

Through these existing and future labs, people can gain access to an experimental space of tools, know-how, activities, hackathons and training. An ODL is a participatory eco-system for co-creating a new generation of public services. Everyone will be able to work with data according to their experience and knowledge: it will be possible to visualise data, to experiment or to develop new ideas from more expert citizens.

Join the network by signing the Letter of Intent if you are interested in sharing existing know-how on open data, hackathons and urban social innovation. The European Network of OpenDataLabs is a not-for-profit organisation with minimal membership fees. Together, we form the core of the network and promote an experimental European environment for doing, dreaming and making meaningful use of data!